Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly 4e Homebrew: Force Weapon

Every Sunday, I'll have a completely homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition element that you can use in your games. I do take requests so you can either post a comment here, email me at with the subject "Homebrew Request", or send me a tweet on Twitter (@brannonhutchins) with the hashtag #weekly4e.

This week I present to you a single magic item, which I admit seems a little cheap compared to the other Weeklies that have been posted. This is the Force Weapon. It appeared in an encounter I ran filled with Star Wars references, and as you can see, this magic weapon is no different.

Designer Notes: I think I will be adding designer notes in these posts from here on out so that you can see why I did the things I did. For example, I chose to specify versatile weapons for this magic item to simulate the wielding of a standard lightsaber, which has been shown to be used both one-handed and two-handed.

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