Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly 4e Homebrew: Fus Ro Dah!

Every Sunday, I'll have a completely homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition element that you can use in your games. I do take requests so you can either post a comment here, email me at with the subject "Homebrew Request", or send me a tweet on Twitter (@brannonhutchins) with the hashtag #weekly4e.

If you didn't see this one coming, you are blind (with apologies to any readers in the sightless community). I have been playing an absurd amount of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and I have barely scratched the surface of this massive game. Hell, I've barely gotten into the story missions and I'm not feeling like it's a bad thing! I highly recommend that everyone play this game. Now.

In the meantime, add some Skyrim goodness to your 4th Edition game with everyone's favorite Thu'um: Unrelenting Force!

Unrelenting Force
Thu'ums can only be found along Word Walls deep in forgotten temples and dungeons. Each Word Wall contains at least one Word that a Dragonborn, or Dovahkiin, can learn immediately. The Thu'um can then only be activated by spending a Dragon Soul.

The Greybeards of High Hrothgar can not only teach a Dovahkiin new Words, but can lend him the ability to activate a Thu'um.

Unrelenting Force was created using Power2ool for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition by Wizards of the Coast and is based on a game element in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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  1. If you'd show me how to work the tech I'd love to work on the other powers with you, this seems like a really fun flavor build that could make up for its lack of optimization with a bard-like ability to multitask.