Sunday, March 24, 2013

Marvel Hero-brew: The Suit

This character exists in a universe wherein the Atlanteans and the Mu Empire wiped each other out in our prehistory. The two cultures had similar themes of mixing magic with technology and used those abilities to sink each other into their respective oceans.

D'Rin Tarengal was a young Atlantean nobleman learning to become an arcane-technician when the Cataclysm began. He was placed in cryostasis...and awoke in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the modern age, grasping to the lid of the stasis chamber to remain afloat. He would later discover that an underwater earthquake was recorded in the area at that same time, possibly shaking his stasis chamber loose from the remains of his civilization.

D'Rin was rescued by a fishing boat and was led back to the United States to make a new life for himself. Without any record, a limited knowledge of English that he quickly learned on the fishing boat, and his claim of "memory loss", he was declared a John Doe and began a new life in America.