Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly 4e Homebrew: Pink Dragon

Every Sunday, I'll have a completely homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition element that you can use in your games. I do take requests so you can either post a comment here, email me at with the subject "Homebrew Request", or send me a tweet on Twitter (@brannonhutchins) with the hashtag #weekly4e.

You can all blame my friend Jason on the following as he was the inspiration of this creature. I'm not even sure how to give it a proper introduction so here it is: the Pink Dragon.

Pink Dragon
The soft flutter of wings announces the arrival of this magnificent creature.

Entoxicating beauty. The Pink Dragon is by far considered the most beautiful of all the dragons. It can drive a grown man to tears simply through the use of its rainbow breath weapon.

Rainbow Origins. Rainbows are not created when sunlight hits water molecules in the air. That is a lie the government wishes you to believe. They are actually the breaths of these divine creatures. It is still unknown why tiny Irish men flock to the opposite end of these belched out wonders. Perhaps it is the myth that a Pink Dragon's breath weapon can also point to the location of pots of gold.

Driven to Bedazzle. The Pink Dragon wants nothing more than to bring happiness and joy to those without it. When the depression hits on a cloudy day, look out your window and maybe, just maybe, you'll spot not one, but two rainbows.

The Pink Dragon was created using Power2ool for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition by Wizards of the Coast.

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