Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly 4e Homebrew: Gamera

Every Sunday, I'll have a completely homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition element that you can use in your games. I do take requests so you can either post a comment here, email me at with the subject "Homebrew Request", or send me a tweet on Twitter (@brannonhutchins) with the hashtag #weekly4e.

So before we continue, I have a few questions to ask: Do you like turtles? Do you like giant monster movies? Well, here comes GAMERA!
"A huge jet propelled turtle that breaths fire? YES PLEASE!"

This is normally the point where I explain the ecology of the monster, give you some details on the creature's background. HOWEVER! I demand that you go watch the Gamera movies, especially the 1990's trilogy that starts with Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. I love those movies. Every one. Enjoy the following images. You can find the designer notes at the end.

"That's right, I can breath fire."
"...AND I can fly. Jealous?"
Gamera has his bad days, too. So much for protecting the city.
Designer Notes: I decided to make Gamera's alignment Good because in all honestly, he does his best to protect us from the bad guys. However, I think in D&D 3.5 terms, he would be Chaotic Good because property damage means nothing to him. However, in the third 90's trilogy movie (Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys), Gamera has given up on humanity and just destroys everything in between him and his enemy, even if that means the death toll rises. Clearly, at that point he dropped to Chaotic Neutral (or Unaligned), but seeing as that was just one movie I decided to keep him at Good.

Gamera also has a fire breathing ability that changes depending on who is directing, hence why Gamera must choose between using Flame Breath or Plasma Fireballs. In any case, I enjoyed making this monster every second.

Gamera was designed for use in Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition by Wizards of the Coast using Power2ool.


  1. Cool! Keep this 4E home brew stuff comming.

  2. Definitely more interesting to bring to the table than the TSR Gamera from 2nd edition. Then again, that might not be quite true because if Spelljammer was anything, at the very least it was interesting.

    That said: Classy job. All it needs is Kenny.