Wednesday, January 18, 2012

AGE Brew: Racial Supplements

Sometimes you find yourself with a generic background, or at least a background that doesn't give you the feel of a certain race when you take the flavor text away. How can we combat this? With Racial Supplements (take twice daily)!

Racial Supplements

How to Use
Apply directly to the character sheet. Contact your GM if eraser marks occur (and I'm bored of the medicine analogy already).

Your character is a dwarf, a man of the mountains whose people have mined the earth since time was a new concept. You gain either a +2 to all Cunning (Evaluation) tests regarding stonework and metalwork, or a +2 to all Constitution (Drinking) tests.

Your character is an elf, a noble creature of the forest known for their beauty and skills in archery. You gain either a +2 to all Dexterity (Bow) tests with a long bow or a +2 to all Cunning (Natural Lore) tests.

Your character is a human, a race of courageous and determined adventurers. You gain either a +2 to all Willpower (Self-Discipline) tests when tempted to quit or while dying, the number of rounds it will take you to die is equal to 2 + Constitution +1d3.

Your character is a minotaur, a half-bull creature with the power to navigate labyrinths flawlessly. You gain either a +2 to all Cunning (Navigation) tests while in a maze or a labyrinth of caverns, or you can add Horns to your available Weapon Groups.
Horns (Strength)
Weapon Damage Min. Str Cost
Minotaur Horn 1d6+3 - 1 gp
*Minotaur characters gain this weapon for free.

As you can see, each of the added mechanics add nothing more than a spoonful of flavor to your character without hindering the game's mechanics. Feel free to make your own Racial Supplements for your own unique races at the gaming table.

These Racial Supplements are compatible with the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin Publishing.

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