Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly 4e Homebrew: Zombie Virus

Every Sunday, I'll have a completely homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition element that you can use in your games. I do take requests so you can either post a comment here, email me at with the subject "Homebrew Request", or send me a tweet on Twitter (@brannonhutchins) with the hashtag #weekly4e.

May of the Dead is here and with it, bloggers across the Tubes will be revealing their inner Romero in each new post. I've decided to throw my hat into the ring because hey, zombies are cool.

Common zombie lore (and by lore I mean movies) say that a zombie bite is infectious. Sometimes, it just takes a scratch from one of them to slowly turn you. I may have missed it, but I've yet to see this implemented in 4th Edition.

So without further ado, the Zombie Virus.


Using the Z-Virus

The Z-Virus is a Heroic Tier disease as it is the most harmful to the common man. In addition, all zombies and similar undead are infectious; a mere bite subjects the victim to the virus.

When a zombie or similar undead creature makes a successful bite or claw attack, the target is subject to the Z-virus.


Level 9 Disease

Attack: +12 vs. Fort

Endurance improve DC 25, maintain DC 17, worsen DC 16
The target is cured. {--Initial Effect: The target loses 2 healing surge. {--The target takes a -2 to all d20 rolls.--} {--The target's total hit points are halved and takes a -5 penalty to all d20 rolls.--} --}The target dies and rises 1d4+1 hours later as a Zombie.

The Z-Virus was designed for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition by Wizards of the Coast.


  1. So stage 2 and 3 make the effective DC to maintain 19 and 22 respectively?
    Improve from stage 3 would effectively be a 30?

    1. And the zombie hoard grows. BUWAHAHA!

  2. Brutal. Just like the z-virus should be.