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Dungeon Master Game Notes: Outcasts of Byr, Session 1

I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's DM notes looked like. Maybe we can learn from each other? Perhaps we can "ooo" and "ah" at each other's genius. Perhaps we can look at wonder at how someone's notes could ever translate into a playable game session. I'm curious!

Below are the beginning game notes for the current session we are playing. I will have to censor some of these because I never know who will see some of the spoilers sooner than intended. The top half is the world notes. Some of it is still intact and it sets the background for the current campaign. This all used an early playtest packet of the D&D Next Open Playtest.

Everything below was ALL I had written down to begin Game Session 1. I had two players at the time. One was playing a changeling rogue and a warforged fighter (both races homebrewed), and the other was playing a dwarf cleric and a human rogue.

  • A: Home Nation, Areli
    • Taken over by Nation B in invasion that ended 7 years ago
    • Former second prince currently rumored to survive in the dungeons of capitol city
  • The Invasion, 9-7 BA (Before Annexation)
    • Prince Kamren Lindstrin and Lord Lazrin Viticus visit Nation B, part of Prince Kamren's attempts to woo the princess
      • this would be the prince's third and final attempt
      • Lord Viticus was there in the role of "friend", one he set up to gain more power should Kamren ascend
    • The beautiful Princess Serene Estria falls in love with the manipulitive Viticus and they make love that night
      • Viticus convinces Serene that he is Kamren, posing as a mere noble for protection, and woos her
      • caught in the act, Viticus escapes through a window unidentified
    • Viticus tells Kamren that Nation B is plotting against them in order to start a war
      • They escape into the night, leaving behind a few servants who are later executed for "lying"
      • Viticus later plants a charm, formerly belonging to Serene, on a necklace Kamren wears
    • An ambassador from Nation B is sent, well guarded, to Areli to confront the prince
      • demands the young prince be turned over for crimes
      • the charm is found on Kamren
      • King refuses to turn in second son to Nation B
        • King Eril Lindstrin II
    • War
      • Nation B begins to invade Areli as soon as word arrives of King Eril's answer
      • Areli loses a lot of ground before finally properly gathering their forces
      • Largest victories came to Nation B after movign troops across the sea to flank the nation from the south and the coast
    • Areli's Shadow
      • An order of spies and assassins that work to keep the world at balance and the homeland safe; interest of the people
      • had the King, Eril, killed in an effort to calm the war
      • Prince Toris Lindstrin the Peaceful takes the throne and, immediately, leads his best men to uncharacteristically take down Areli's Shadow in an act of grief
        • neither faction is seen or heard from again
      • Truth: They knew of a coming threat which would require a united continent
        • Killed King in hopes that the pacifist prince would end the war
    • The young and frightened Prince Kamren ascends
      • with less experience and without the kingdom's best men, Kamren eventually loses the war
        • as a sign of good faith, Viticus is the one who captures Kamren and gives him to the armies of Nation B
          • as a reward, House Viticus is allowed to keep a fraction of its land and retain a seat in the court
    • Civilian views...either
      • Prince Kamren stole the virginity of Princess Serene and therefore the Invasion is justified...OR
      • The accusation against Prince Kamren is merely pretense to justify a war
  • Dwarf Religion, monotheistic
    • True Neutral, God of War "Tyran" (tie-rin)
  • Human Religion
    • sky-based
      • Solm, sun god; God King; Day Watcher
      • Nocterra, moon goddess; Lady of the Night
    • cultists believe:
      • The world is the corpse of a fallen god, brother to Solm and Nocterra, named Arthen
        • Arthen fell from the sky and became the world
Game 1: Getting Started
  • PC Guild needs a name: ___________
  • Starting Town: Byr (buyer), western most city
    • Built along the Ysir-Byr River on top of Ancient ruins of the same name
    • Has access to the Ysir Bypass bridge that leads to the Wyld
    • closest to the Elven nation of Litharian
  • PCs hired to detain a bunch of thugs the guards don't bother to stop
    • Human Commoners, reflavored Kobolds, reflavored Kobold Dragonshield
    • Thugs located in building that will be placed in their possession once cleared of baddies
  • Guild House
    • Located in south central district of Byr
    • once an old museum, among others
    • a single, depressing warforged is locked away in a hidden basement
  • Neighbors
    • Baker, Don Lannister
    • Milliner, Christopher Terrace

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