Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quick Note: Passing GO! Delays

"Hey, RobedGuy!"

Yes, strange voice in my head?

"Weren't you doing a video review show of non-digital games?"

Ah, yes. Yes, I was. And I still plan to continue creating the show. But...there have been factors holding me back. Allow me the opportunity to explain.

1. Right around the time the first video came out, I quit my job to become a Stay At Home Dad. I wouldn't change that for the world but the older she's getting, the more trouble she's getting into. This leaves me with little opportunity to plan, film, and edit. While you may argue that I can do all this while she naps, until recently that has not been an option due to either chores that I can only do while she sleeps, or me being loud while filming.

2. My wife works long, hard hours. She deserves all the rest she can get. This SHOULD change soon, but at the moment she can barely manage to help with housework or the baby, leaving those tasks to me. When she actually finds spare time in between work and sleep, we spend it together.

3. DISTRACTIONS! I'm man enough to admit that I let things destract me, like Netflix or videogames or my Dungeons and Dragons games get the picture. This may be one of my biggest flaws as a person. Time management and me haven't gotten along very well.

4. This is the big one recently. Moving. I'm in a whole new apartment with most of everything still in boxes. This is going to be taking up most, if not all, my free time. Hopefully, I'll manage to create a sweet filming studio for myself, but for the moment it is back to living out of boxes.

Ug, I feel like I'm just making excuses, but these are legitimate issues. I hope I can resolve these soon. The Fluxx review is scripted out and waiting.

...I wonder what box that is in.

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