Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Hectic Life

Seriously. Between having a kid April 1st, moving mid May, and still trying to find a steady job.....ACK! How can I get ANYTHING done?

In any case, with the destruction of the laptop, the 4E Mass Effect project slowly died. I tried to keep it alive, as told in my previous post about it, but the fact is the plug was pulled. Flat-line. Perhaps I shall post what is done so that someone may eventually pick up where I left off. We shall see.

As of recently, I have played some Star Wars Saga Edition, a good amount of 4th Edition D&D, and a dash of D20 Modern. I started my gaming with D&D 3.5 Edition and have found my heart strings pulled when the Base Attack Bonus once again reared its head my way.

THEREFORE! I have taken it upon myself to attempt the creation of D&D 3.759 Edition. This would essentially take the best of STSE, 3.5, and 4th. I am currently still collecting data at this time so nothing can be released as of yet. Best of luck to me, though.

ALSO! Keep a look out for something more official in the ThatRobedGuy Presents... video show. I have recently acquired a somewhat decent video editor that I know how to use a LOT more effectively than my previous choice. I'm thinking of making this show a season based show with 13 to 20 episodes a season, released weekly with a few months in between for writing, filming, and editing. There might be a few tangents here and there based on then-to-be-recent events.

Catch ya, later!

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